Elgg plugin vor membership management of the Waldbuehne Heessen


Elgg plugin vor membership management of the Waldbuehne Heessen


  • Elgg >= 3.0.0


Download a release and unzip the file into the mods directory of Elgg.

Creating a new report

  • Add a new department/general or production level report to views/default/object/elements/seasonReport.php. Make sure to include calls to $acl->isParticipationAllowed($user, $entity->guid, 0, "_all") to check if accessing the report is allowed for the currently logged-in user
  • Use a new ACL tag and create a new route inside elgg-plugin.php for the new report
  • Use a new i18n tag, place it in languages/en.php and translate it in languages/de.php
  • Place the view for the new route in or under views/default/resources/membership and develop the report, optionally refined views from views/default/page/components, especially views/default/object/elements/simpleReportTable.php may be useful
  • Use classes/Wabue/Membership/Tools.php for the business logic to create the report data
  • Use the same route for CSV export buttons
  • Use the same name for the CSV report in views/csv/resources/membership
  • Use views/csv/object/elements/simpleReportTable.php as a shortcut for simple reports



Run the following command to release a new version to GitHub

GITHUB_TOKEN=<my token> grunt release:<new release number>