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ISO 10383 - Codes for exchanges and market identification (MIC)

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A PHP library providing ISO 10383 data.

What is ISO 10383

The Market Identifier Code (MIC) (ISO 10383) is a unique identification code used to identify securities trading exchanges, regulated and non-regulated trading markets. The MIC is a four alphanumeric character code, and is defined in ISO 10383 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). For example, trades that are executed on the US NASDAQ market are identified using MIC code XNAS.

-- Wikipedia


$ composer require micbenner/iso10383


Quick guide:

$exchange = CipherPixel\ISO10383\ISO10383Collection::load()->acronym('NASDAQ'); // Find by acronym
$exchange = CipherPixel\ISO10383\ISO10383Collection::load()->mic('XNAS'); // Find by MIC
$exchanges = CipherPixel\ISO10383\ISO10383Collection::load()->operatingMic('XNAS'); // Find all segment/child exchanges belonging to XNAS

Each method returns either a single instance, or an array of, the CipherPixel\ISO10383\ISO10383Collection class.


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micbenner/iso10383 is licensed under the MIT license.