Stacked variables dumper for Laravel-based application

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Stacked variables dumper | for Laravel-based application

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Using this package you can dump any variables using \dev\dump() and \dev\dd() function without main process stopping or sending data to the standard output (last is required for running applications using RoadRunner).


Require this package with composer using the following command:

$ composer require --dev avto-dev/stacked-dumper-laravel "^1.0"

Installed composer is required (how to install composer).

You need to fix the major version of package.


In any part of your application call \dev\dump() and/or \dev\dd(). That's all =)

RoadRunner use-case

For example, if you will try to dump('test'); in controller, you will see something like that:

worker error: invalid data found in the buffer (possible echo)

But, if you will use helpers provided by this package \dev\dump('test');, all will forks fine:



For package testing we use phpunit framework and docker-ce + docker-compose as develop environment. So, just write into your terminal after repository cloning:

$ make build
$ make latest # or 'make lowest'
$ make test

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If you will find any package errors, please, make an issue in current repository.


This is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.