Chronopost delivery module for pickup point deliveries.

1.0.1 2020-09-10 09:46 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-09-10 09:47:45 UTC


Allows you to choose between differents pickup point delivery modes offered by Chronopost. Activating one or more of them will let your customers choose which one they want.

Delivery types currently availables :

  • Chrono13 BAL (pickup points/relay delivery in France)
  • Others will be added in future versions

NB1 : You need IDs provided by Chronopost to use this module.



  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/ directory and be sure that the name of the module is ChronopostPickupPoint.
  • Activate it in your thelia administration panel


Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/chronopost-pickup-point-module:~1.0


First, go to your back office, tab Modules, and activate the module Chronopost. Then go to Chronopost configuration page, tab "Advanced Configuration" and fill the required fields.

After activating the delivery types you wih to use, new tabs will appear. With these, you can change the shipping prices according to the delivery type and the area, and/or activate free shipping for a given price and/or given area, or just activate it no matter the are and cart amount.

If you also have the ChronopostLabel module, you can then generate and download labels from the Chronopost Label page accessible from the toolbar on the left of the BackOffice, or directly from the order page.

For relay / pickup points, you need to integrate a template to choose one relay in the list provided by the loop 'chronopost.pickup.point.get.relay'. Ideally from a map, like google maps, yandex, or similar.

Then, you can either create an entry in the address table and use it immediately, or overload the form to accept entire addresses as input instead of only an address id from which to get the entire address.



Input arguments

Argument Description
area_id Mandatory ID of the area from which you want to know the prices.
delivery_mode_id Mandatory ID of the delivery mode of which you want to know the prices.

Output arguments

Variable Description
$SLICE_ID ID of the price slice
$MAX_WEIGHT Max weight for this slice price
$MAX_PRICE Max untaxed price of a cart for this price
$PRICE Price for this slice
$FRANCO Price of the Franco for this slice


Input arguments


Output arguments

Variable Description
$ID The delivery mode ID in the table
$TITLE The delivery mode title (ex : Fresh13)
$CODE The delivery mode code (ex : 2R)
$FREESHIPPING_ACTIVE 0 or 1 depending on whether the total freeshipping is active or not
$FREESHIPPING_FROM Cart price needed for freeshipping


Input arguments

Argument Description
area_id ID of the area from which you want to know the free shipping minimum amount needed.
delivery_mode_id ID of the delivery mode of which you want to know the free shipping minimum amount needed.

Output arguments

Variable Description
$AREA_ID ID of the area
$DELIVERY_MODE_ID ID of the delivery mode
$CART_AMOUNT Cart amount needed for free shipping in this area and for this delivery mode


Search for pickup points (relays)

Input arguments

Argument Description
orderweight REQUIRED : The order weight
countryid The country ID in the database
zipcode Zipcode where to search for pickup points (needs to be paired with city)
city City in which to search for the pickup points (needs to be paired with a zipcode)
address An address to search pickup points close by

Output arguments

The outputs are the same given in return by the Chronopost API response from the recherchePointChronopostInterParService method, in uppercase. Here will be displayed the most important ones

Variable Description
$IDENTIFIANT The pickup point ID
$NOM The pickup point name
$ADRESSE1 Pickup point address line 1
$ADRESSE2 Pickup point address line 2
$ADRESSE3 Pickup point address line 3
$CODEPOSTAL Pickup point Zipcode
$LOCALITE Pickup point City
$CODEPAYS Pickup point country code ISO ALPHA2
$COORDGEOLOCALISATIONLATITUDE Pickup point latitude coordinate
$COORDGEOLOCALISATIONLONGITUDE Pickup point longitude coordinate
$URLGOOGLEMAPS URL for the position of the pickup point on google mazps
$LISTEPERIODEFERMETURE (Array) List of closed periods for the pickup point
$LISTEPERIODEOUVERTURE (Array) List of opened periods for the pickup point
$TYPEDEPOINT Type of pickup point
$POIDSMAXI Max package weight accepted for this relay
$DISTANCEENMETRE Distance in meters between the given address and the relay


There is no map integration example as of the 1.0.0. As such, you will have to make one yourself (you may use the ColissimoPickupPoint one as an example as they work similarily).