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Handle PHP null values gracefully

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Handle PHP null values gracefully


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include "vendor/autoload.php";

use Optional\Optional;

$possible = Optional::of(5);
var_dump($possible->isPresent()); // bool(true)
var_dump($possible->get()); // int(5)
var_dump($possible->getOrElse(99)); // int(5)
var_dump($possible->getOrNull()); // int(5)

$possible = Optional::of(null); // Throws 'NullPointerException' with message 'Unallowed null in reference found.'
$possible = Optional::fromNullable(null);
var_dump($possible->isPresent()); // bool(false)
var_dump($possible->get()); // Throws IllegalStateException
var_dump($possible->getOrElse(99)); // int(99)
var_dump($possible->getOrNull()); // NULL

$val1 = Optional::fromNullable(5);
$val2 = Optional::fromNullable(4);
$val3 = Optional::fromNullable(4);

var_dump($val1->equals($val2)); // bool(false)
var_dump($val2->equals($val3)); // bool(true)