Easier loading of services.d

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Easier loading of services in your Symfony2 bundle's extension.

How to use

Use ServiceLoader to load service definitions from files in directories (recursively, if you wish).


namespace You\YourBundle\DependencyInjection;

use SHyx0rmZ\ServicesLoader\ServicesLoader;

class YourExtension extends Extension
  public function load(array $config, ContainerBuilder $container)
    $loader = new ServiceLoader($container);
    $loader->loadFromFile(__DIR__ . '/../Resources/config/services.ini');
    $loader->loadFromDirectory(__DIR__ . '/../Resources/config/services.d');

Use the Extension to make loading even easier.


namespace You\YourBundle\DependencyInjection;

use SHyx0rmZ\ServicesLoader\Extension\ServicesLoaderExtension;

class YourExtension extends ServicesLoaderExtension

Which will load service definitions from:

  • YourBundle/Resources/config/services.ini
  • YourBundle/Resources/config/services.php
  • YourBundle/Resources/config/services.xml
  • YourBundle/Resources/config/services.yml
  • and everything in services.d
    • YourBundle/Resources/config/services.d/commands.yml
    • YourBundle/Resources/config/services.d/database/clients.yml