trix editor for laravel inspired by ActionText for rails

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Configurable Basecamp Trix Editor delivered to your laravel application

inspired by Rails Action Text


You can install the package via composer:

composer require te7a-houdini/laravel-trix

Then publish the configurations and migrations:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Te7aHoudini\LaravelTrix\LaravelTrixServiceProvider"

After the migration has been published then run the migrations to create required tables:

php artisan migrate

then add @trixassets directive at the head tag of your html



let's assume we have Post model & want to add trix editor.

Using @trix($model, $field, $config = [])

you can use @trix directive inside any view to render trix editor.


        <!-- notice that content field isn't presented in Post model -->
        @trix(\App\Post::class, 'content')

Storing Rich Text Fields

now lets try to store content rich text field when hitting submit button.


        <form method="POST" action="{{ route('') }}">
            @trix(\App\Post::class, 'content')
            <input type="submit">

first add HasTrixRichText trait to your model

namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Te7aHoudini\LaravelTrix\Traits\HasTrixRichText;

class Post extends Model
    use HasTrixRichText;
    protected $guarded = [];

then you can easily store any rich text fields by multiple ways:

//storing must follow this convention (model lowered class name)-trixFields
    'post-trixFields' => request('post-trixFields'),

Render Trix For Existing Model

there's multiple ways to render trix for already existing model

<!-- inside view blade file -->

@trix($post, 'content')

{!! $post->trix('content') !!} //must use HasTrixRichText trait in order for $model->trix() method work

{!! app('laravel-trix')->make($post, 'content') !!}

Storing Attachment

when uploading a file to trix editor. an ajax request is sent to store_attachment_action in laravel-trix config file. which uses Laravel Storage and then this action returns url if upload is success according to Basecamp Trix api .

the uploaded file will be stored in trix_attachments table as pending attachment.

once model is saved . all pending attachments will have is_pending column = 0

so in order to make storing attachment very easy make sure to use HasTrixRichText trait in your model.

//storing must follow this convention (model lowered class name)-trixFields 
//and for attachment must follow attachment-(model lowered class name)-trixFields
    'post-trixFields' => request('post-trixFields'),
    'attachment-post-trixFields' => request('attachment-post-trixFields')

Changing Storage Disk

you can change attachment storage disk from laravel-trix config file .

return [
    'storage_disk' => env('LARAVEL_TRIX_STORAGE_DISK', 'public'),

    'store_attachment_action' => Te7aHoudini\LaravelTrix\Http\Controllers\TrixAttachmentController::class . '@store',

    'destroy_attachment_action' => Te7aHoudini\LaravelTrix\Http\Controllers\TrixAttachmentController::class . '@destroy',

or if you want to change the storage disk for specific rich text field you can do that

@trix($post, 'content', ['disk' => 'local'])

Configuration Table

if you want to hide buttons or toolbar you can do this. for more configuration refer to the table below.

@trix($post, 'content', [ 'hideButtonIcons' => ['attach', 'bold'] ])

@trix($post, 'content', [ 'hideTools' => ['text-tools'] ])
configuration type values description
hideToolbar Boolean True or False hides the the toolbar
hideTools Array ['text-tools', 'block-tools', 'file-tools', 'history-tools'] hides group of buttons
hideButtonIcons Array ['attach', 'bold', 'italic', 'strike', 'link', 'heading-1', 'quote', 'code', 'bullet-list', 'number-list', 'decrease-nesting-level', 'increase-nesting-level'] hides a single button
disk String 'local' or 's3' or 'any-disk' sets the attachment storage per field
id String 'any-value-you-want' the id of input which renders trix. check this link . current id follows this convention (model lowered class name)-field-modelId like post-content-1 or post-content-new-model
containerElement String valid html tag like span or div default container tag is set to span you can change it as you want


composer test


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