A Pimple 3 ServiceProvider for the Spot2 ORM

v2.0.1 2017-07-24 22:58 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-24 10:06:04 UTC


SpotServiceProvider allows you to easily integrate the Spot ORM with Pimple 3.


Simply require the composer package in your application:

composer require dijky/spot-service-provider

or in your composer.json:

  "require": {
    "dijky/spot-service-provider": "~2.0"

If you don't use Composer, clone the Git repository or download the zipball.
You will have to do autoloading yourself then.


Register the SpotServiceProvider in your application bootstrap file:

$app->register(new Dijky\Pimple\Provider\SpotServiceProvider(), array(
  'spot.connections' => array(
    'website' => '<dsn>',
    'forum' => '<dsn>'

You can add as many connections as you like.

The service provider also takes connections already configured for DoctrineServiceProvider:

$app['spot.connections'] = function() use ($app) {
  return $app['dbs'];

Notice the closure? This way, the dbs service will only be accessed (and initialized) as needed.
You can still override or extend it later on in your bootstrap code.

The first connection in $app['spot.connections'] will be set as default.
The default connection can also be set to connection abc with

$app['spot.connections.default'] = 'abc';


SpotServiceProvider exposes the following services:

  • spot: The Spot\Locator instance to use the Spot ORM.
  • spot.config: The Spot\Config instance to configure the spot service.

It takes the following configuration values:

  • spot.connections: Set this to a key-value array (or Pimple container) with connection names as keys and connection strings (DSNs) or instances of Doctrine\DBAL\Connection as values.
  • spot.connections.default (optional): Set this to the connection name that should be set as default. Unset with null.

Notice: once the spot service is first accessed, changing spot.config, spot.connections, or spot.connections.default will have no effect on it.


This software is provided under the BSD 3-clause license.
Refer to LICENSE for the full license text.


New in 2.0

  • Add support for Pimple 3 (incl. Silex 2)
  • [BC BREAK] Drop support for Silex 1.x / Pimple 1.x
  • [BC BREAK] Change namespace to Dijky\Pimple\... from Dijky\Silex\...