Allow to extract non translated strings from OroPlatform applications and translate them through deepl web service. A Deepl developer account is required

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1.0.2 2021-02-17 14:25 UTC

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Translation is boring ? Not anymore with the powerful helps of the machine learning tool DeepL. Thanks to this bundle, you can for OroPlatform applications, you can translate all non-translated strings from the OroPlatform database and export them into a YAML or CSV file.

The translation will take care to not translate strings with such tags: "It could be cool if this {{ won't be translated }} or my dear %hello world% stay safe"

If you have created translation files into your own bundles, it needs to be loaded into the database before to proceed this command. You must use the command "oro:translation:convert" before.

Special recommendation TODO

Translating via DeepL API costs. So for this reason, if any problem appears while exporting. Do not run again the same command right now. Instead, open the ...

CSV Export

In the case a CSV file is exported, the english value is exported also and can be used for human translation or for checking translated values. Once you did the check of the translation, use the command "diglin:oro:deepl:translate:convert" to convert the CSV into a YAML file located into the translations folder then it will load the content into your OroPlatform database. On Production, you just need to let the generated files onto the translations folder, after your deployment, run the command "oro:platform:update --force" (do a database backup before to run it)

YAML Export

The generated file can be used one to one to be loaded into your application. OroPlatform can also load it into your database if needed (e.g. to allow backend users to edit those translations).


composer require diglin/oro-deepl


  • OroPlatform 4.0.x | 4.1.x (may work on previous versions but not tested)


DeepL API Key is required if you want to translate the strings automatically. Please, go to OroPlatform Backoffice, menu System > Configuration > System Configuration > Integrations > DeepL or provide the key via the parameter deepl-api-key or set the key into the var/deepl-license.key file.

If no API Key is present, an error message will be displayed but empty translation will still be generated.


Export empty strings of values in CSV to be translated

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export --format csv --disable-deepl de_DE

Export translation into a CSV file, an english value will be available for translation check

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export --format csv de_DE

Export translation directly into a YAML file, existing data will be merged but overwritten if duplicate happens. The generated file will have a timestamp

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export --format yml de_DE

Export translation directly into a YAML file, existing data will be merged but overwritten if duplicate happens. The existing domain translation file (e.g. messages.de_DE.yml) will be overwritten.

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export --format yml --overwrite de_DE

Translate only messages domain

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export --domains messages de_DE

Calculate the number of characters will be exported for locale de_DE, useful to estimate DeepL cost

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export --domains messages,jsmessages,workflows,validators,security --simulate de_DE

Load previously generated CSV file and convert it to YAML, import it into the database and rebuild language cache without frontend interruption

bin/console --env=prod diglin:oro:deepl:translate:convert --rebuild-cache translations/messages.de_DE.csv de_DE

Do you have a tip ?

Well, we admit that diglin:oro:deepl:translate:export is a long command but at least it describes what it does. If you prefer, you can use this shortcut instead: d:o:d:t:e